What is Ongo?

Ongo is building the platform for reprogramming human behavior. We use code, content, and science to make the healthy choice the easy choice. We've built a range of beautiful, interactive mobile products that help health experts improve the reach and depth of the interactions they have with their communities.

We're backed by passionate investors who have built multiple billion dollar companies, and we're working with some of the leading experts in the world to empower people to reach their full potential. We're all excited about the opportunity to make a real and measurable impact on health!

What's the position?

Senior Designer.

You will be joining as a full-time senior designer. This is an opportunity to be part of the founding team and help us set the foundation for thoughtful design in every corner of our company - from our emails to our apps to our kitchen wallpaper. You could probably make this job page look a whole lot better, too! 😜

Own: You will be singularly responsible for:

  • Design system & process leadership
  • Managing and contributing to design for product development

Assist: You will be involved, or collaborating with other team members on:

  • Social media / content marketing
  • Sales funnels
  • Customer development

Impact Plan for this Role

Within 1 month, you'll...

  • Take over and complete your first product design story
  • Review and familiarize yourself with the Ongo product development pipeline
  • Contribute feedback to the Ongo product design process

Within 3 months, you'll...

  • Take full ownership over new and existing product development
  • Update the Ongo design system
  • Update the Ongo product development pipeline
  • Work with our CEO to identify 1-2 key product needs you can fulfill in a larger context.

Within 6 months, you'll...

  • Manage additional design personnel & resources
  • Create design SOP's
  • Take on additional design responsibilities as we grow our team

Within 12 months, you'll...

  • Become a leader of at least one team at Ongo
  • Contribute as a primary owner to at least 1 cross-functional goal at Ongo

So who are you?

You bleed beautiful graphics, dream in UX flows, and eat behavioral psychology and HCI for breakfast. And these experiences help, too:

  • UX: Consumer-facing software with user flows that bridge offline and online worlds
  • UI: Pixel-perfect designs to make the desired action the easy action [Figma, Sketch, CC]
  • Art: Sketching fun, approachable images [Illustrator, Sketch, Figma]
  • Behavioral Science/HCI: Experience with analytical design processes

What are the responsibilities?

If you're chosen to join our team, you'll have the opportunity to build an exciting new product from an early stage in a well-supported company. You will be driving high level design choices and human-centered thinking throughout the company, with a fair amount of hands-on opportunities to make beautiful things that actually help people lead healthier, happier lives.

Are there benefits?

You bet there are! You'll get competitive salary and equity. We're a health company, so we care about that stuff - you'll also get great medical and dental coverage. And we emphasize strong work/life balance - we'd be hypocrites not to!

And there are plenty of opportunities for you to grow through conferences, training, and more. Plus you get to work with some great people 😃